How To Prepare Your Dog for the New Baby

5 Feb

Prepare your family dog for the new baby with Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Bringing home a new baby is a major life event for not only expectant parents, but their pets as well, especially dogs. No matter the breed you own, it will be important to help your dog get accustomed to having a newborn in the home. However, this can be tough for dogs who have not […]

Motivate Your Child book review by Dr Scott Turansky

31 Jan

Motivate Your Child with Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

I was blessed to be part of the launch team for Dr.Scott Turansky’s newest book Motivate Your Child: A Christian Parent’s Guide to Raising Kids Who Do What They Need to Do Without Being Told. Together with Joanne Miller, RN, BSN, Dr. Turansky’s guidance has helped Christian parents all over the world. They helped me by […]

The most important thing to do to increase your child’s success in school

30 Jan

Success in school from Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

You know how important it is for your child to read. Everything the experts say tells you that kids who read simply have more success in school.  Not only that, but they are more successful later in life. But your child refuses to pick up a book. He rolls his eyes every time you recommend it […]

Mom Monday-Preparing for disasters when you have little ones

29 Jan

Preparing for disaster by prepping potatoes with Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Prepping is the act of becoming more prepared and can be challenging in its own right. Some families must prepare for tornados or hurricanes. Others, like mine, prepare for earthquakes, volcanoes, or flooding. It all depends on where you live. As a family, we are preparing for disasters that may happen. Experience has taught us […]

Parents need to know the Health Risks involved with Jewelry & Kids

24 Jan

Know the Health Risks involved with Jewelry and Kids on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

From furniture straps, to locks placed on cabinets, to covers on electrical outlets—there are several things that concerned families can do to protect their children around their home. But when it comes to child safety, one often overlooked health risk is the harm that jewelry can cause children. Jewelry, despite its beauty and trendiness, can […]

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