Teen Tip Tuesday-Arguing with your teen

21 Nov

Tips to stop arguing with your teen at Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Arguing with your teen is common as they start to exert their independent opinions.  Even my slightly shy and quiet daughter Beloved can let loose a bit of a tantrum if she feels not heard.  I’ve noticed that in our home, arguments usually stem from a misunderstanding of the situation; or sadly, from me speaking […]

Mom Monday-Stop the Tantrum and Stay Calm

20 Nov

Here's how to handle those temper tantrums.

“Please Stop” is what my four year old son yells, when he doesn’t get his way.  Here’s an example of what I discovered during one of our misunderstandings.  I hope it helps you stop the tantrum as well. Recently we were out in public picking up the girls from an event.  My son began screaming “please […]

Kiss Me Organics Ceramic Mug + Giveaway

20 Nov

Kiss Me Organics steep and strain ceramic mug

The Kiss Me Organics Ceramic Mug is a must-have accessory for every tea drinker, like me.  Enter our giveaway below and be sipping your favorite holiday tea in no time! The Kiss Me Organics Ceramic Mug comes in 5 gorgeous designs and includes a silicone travel lid, a ceramic insulating lid, a stainless steel strainer […]

Teen Tip Tuesday-Safe Driving Tips

16 Nov

Safe driving tips for teens from Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

One of the scariest parts of being a parent is knowing that your kids are going to have to learn to drive. Teaching Beloved to drive was stressful for all of us and one of those necessary tasks in life that I’m happy to have behind us.  It’s not that our kids aren’t able to […]

Organize your whole family with a Filofax planner + DoodlePlan coloring video

15 Nov

Organize the family with Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad #filofax

MoMs need to be super efficient when you organize your whole family calendar. I am so glad that Filofax offered to help me get it together by sending me The Orginal Organizer in Fluoro Pink Leather and DoodlePlan Monthly Coloring Desk Pad to use when writing this post.  I love their products and brands and […]

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