Mom Monday-Tips to combat Mommy Guilt

11 Sep

Tips to combat mommy guilt on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

If you’re a mother, I feel confident to say that you’ve experienced “mommy guilt” at least once or twice so far.  For some of us, we experience it far more often.  In my 22 months of being a working-out-side-of-the-home-mom, I’ve amassed a few tips to help us all combat the mommy guilt we feel.   […]

Winter is Coming! Help Your Kids Deal With A Sore Throat Naturally.

7 Sep

Keep your kids healthy this season with Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

It’s terrible when our kids are ill, but bugs and viruses are common when children are young and just building up their immune systems. Sore throats are common companions to coughs and colds and can be really uncomfortable. We don’t have to bombard our kids with medicines and antibiotics though, there are plenty of natural […]

10 tips to keep your child healthy this school year (‘cuz MoMs so want their kiddies feeling great)

6 Sep

10 tips to keep your child healthy on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

What are the words that children dread more than anything? Summer’s over! Although the long, lazy days and fun-filled nights are over, this doesn’t mean that school should interrupt your child’s healthy living regimen. We have compiled 10 tips to keep your child healthy this school year.   Sleep, Sleep, Sleep Sleep is one of […]

Then I Became a Mother by Robin Kramer

6 Sep

Robin Kramer book Then I became a mother

We were so excited to receive a copy of Robin Kramer’s book “Then I Became a Mother” to review. We found her stories painfully true and inherently lovable.  She is an amazing author with the gift of gab and I highly recommend you read her stuff! Then I Became A Mother This book is so […]

Teen Tip Tuesday-Build a Strong Relationship

5 Sep

Love your teen on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

As helicopter parents, we have spent our parenting days coming up with new and innovative ways to stay connected to Beloved and build a strong relationship. We have felt since she was born, that our top priority was tending to her and our relationship with her.   Now that she’s a teenager, things do get […]

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