Parents need to know the Health Risks involved with Jewelry & Kids

24 Jan

Know the Health Risks involved with Jewelry and Kids on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

From furniture straps, to locks placed on cabinets, to covers on electrical outlets—there are several things that concerned families can do to protect their children around their home. But when it comes to child safety, one often overlooked health risk is the harm that jewelry can cause children. Jewelry, despite its beauty and trendiness, can […]

Disney Memories! How I cherish the fun!

24 Jan

Tree at Hollywood Studios

One of my fondest memories of Beloved and Just Plane Dad is of a trip to Hollywood Studios in Orlando.  Beloved was about six at the time and like most kids that age, obsessed with climbing in and out of everything she came across.  Trees, rocks, tables, dogs, all fair game.  We found a mecca […]

How You Can Support A Gay Child in the Way They Need

23 Jan

girlfriends holding hands

When I discovered that my 13-year-old son “Alex” was gay, I went through a range of emotions: First there was Denial: “He’s just experimenting – trying on different identities.” Then Guilt: “If only I hadn’t let him play with his sister’s Barbie dolls in the bird bath to make ‘Hot Tub Barbie.’ What was I […]

Mom Monday-Preventing Drug Abuse In Our Youth

22 Jan

5 Tips for Preventing Drug Abuse in Teens at Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

As parents we have been truly blessed. Really, parenting has been the most challenging, exhausting, gratifying, worrisome, and loving experience of my life. One of the many blessings of parenting is the abundance of continuous and overflowing emotions associated with the role. As our children grow, we do our best to equip them with moral […]

Helicopter Parents in the house

17 Jan

#helicoptermom looking over daughters shoulder while texting

My husband and I have lived under the constant scrutiny of a nation that does not understand our parenting style.  Not only don’t they understand, but many of them don’t even care to try.  Just like the extra effort needed to stay involved in their children’s lives, it isn’t easy, but it’s so worth it. […]

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