Mom Monday-What is positive parenting?

9 Jan

Positive Parenting on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Positive parenting is something we all strive for and our kids long for. Please welcome our Mom Monday guest post from Ana of KitCriarBlogs. (please pardon any translation indiscretions as we prefer to leave the post as originally written to honor the differences and beauty in our cultures) Positive Parenting Positive thoughts attract positive energy and […]

HSA101 for Moms that prepare for their family’s medical care (before the emergency!)

4 Jan

HSA 101 on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

It’s that time of year when we are making plans for our future. No one plans to become ill however if that happens, preparation will make it easier. HSA accounts make the unexpected bearable. UnitedHealthcare is working to educate families like yours so you can make the best choice. Not many people know my story […]

Mom Monday-Ways for Mama to curb the volcanic anger

2 Jan

Ways to avoid volcanic anger on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Have you ever been so angry with your child misbehaving that you just lost it an erupted like a volcano? But later regret you did? What is it about our children doing things that make us blow up? I mean, we understand they are children and they are exploring the world around them and that […]

New Year isn’t just for resolutions; it’s for pondering the past

28 Dec

new year's eve celebration

New Year’s has a hard act to follow.  Who wants to go after Christmas in the holiday department?  While it’s true that the start of a new year won’t get the kid’s vote, for us as parents, it’s become a very important holiday. I have always enjoyed that feeling of freshness that occurs with the […]

Mom Monday-The Great Christmas Tree Hunt

19 Dec

The Great Christmas Tree Hunt on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

A holiday tradition is defined as a belief or behavior that is passed down and has a symbolic meaning from the past. Our family mission is to make laughter a priority in each holiday tradition we have. The possibilities in our family seem to be endless.  Here’s our tale on the great Christmas tree hunt. […]