Halloween Memories

Halloween Memories

31 Oct

Halloween is one of my family’s favorite holidays.  The weather starts to get cooler, which is always a welcome respite.  It starts our year end feeding frenzy; candy, turkey and Christmas cookies. We always get together with the extended family to eat dinner then head out to troll the neighborhood in search of sugar laden candies.  Each year we have the same conversation.

halloween pumpkins

Will the kids want to trick-or-treat next year?

Will they still enjoy dressing up?

And each year the answer is yes.

The tradition has changed over the years.  What started with Beloved dressed as a pea pod became an irresistibly cute Lion, then a pretty Princess and now a “tastefully” costumed Wonder Woman.  She did manage to make it cute instead of inappropriate; she nixed the thigh highs and heels for Vans.  From church functions to park celebrations to scouring the neighborhoods with family to terrorizing the neighborhoods with friends, we have all adjusted our expectation of the holiday.

For Beloved’s second Halloween [she was just months old for the first], we dressed her up as this cute little Lion complete with a soft fuzzy pajama suit and headpiece.  Her little face and chubby feet were the only body parts that stuck out of the costume and she truly enjoyed wearing it.  If memory serves me right, she wore it for a few days. 

She was too young to understand the whole concept but got into the whole idea of the locals knocking on the door and holding out their pillowcases.  We’d hold her up and she’d drop candy onto the floor, onto the dog patiently waiting beneath her and occasionally into the trick-or-treaters outstretched bags. She didn’t seem bothered by the creepy faces that often arrived on our doorstep.  She was thrilled that Barney and Baby Bop stopped by several times that night!

boy dressed in costume

This year we will be getting together with the grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles to eat a delicious taco feast and then work the neighbors.  We’ll laugh, catch up and meet the new flock of youngsters that are just beginning their trick-or-treat journey.  A new tradition that has also surfaced in our family is attending the local haunted woods that the state parks present or the haunted parks.  Busch Gardens and Universal Studios offer terrifying fun for those brave enough to venture into the parks.

jack o lantern

I, for one, will not be going…that’s Just Plane Dad’s job and part of my list of requirements in a husband 22 years ago; lest I had children that liked being scared.  Of course I did. The billboards advertising these events are scary enough, I can’t imagine paying to be chased throughout a dark maze by a bloody zombie vampire.  No thank you.  My daughter and hubby love it, so have fun!  I’ll be at home with my coffee and a copy of The Mother of all Meltdowns.

Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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