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Teen Tip Tuesday: Help smooth the journey to adulthood for your teen

19 Sep

Teen brain development infographic

Have you ever been completely blindsided by your teenager’s behavior or questionable choices?  If you were able to truthfully answer that question with a firm “no”- then hats off to you! We all knew parenting would be difficult, but very few of us were adequately prepared for the complex world of teendom. The teen years […]

Teen Tip Tuesday-Help stop teenager from lying

12 Sep

Help your kids stop lying!

It’s inevitable that at some point your teens are going to lie to you.  Heck, most parents tell fibs at convenient times, we just choose to say they are “necessary”.  Your kids, no matter how old, will figure out that sometimes it’s easier to make up a story than come clean.   Teenagers have so […]

Winter is Coming! Help Your Kids Deal With A Sore Throat Naturally.

7 Sep

Keep your kids healthy this season with Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

It’s terrible when our kids are ill, but bugs and viruses are common when children are young and just building up their immune systems. Sore throats are common companions to coughs and colds and can be really uncomfortable. We don’t have to bombard our kids with medicines and antibiotics though, there are plenty of natural […]

Teen Tip Tuesday-Build a Strong Relationship

5 Sep

Love your teen on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

As helicopter parents, we have spent our parenting days coming up with new and innovative ways to stay connected to Beloved and build a strong relationship. We have felt since she was born, that our top priority was tending to her and our relationship with her.   Now that she’s a teenager, things do get […]

Teen Tip Tuesday: Smartphones and the Teenage Brain

29 Aug

Smartphones harm teen brains

Now that practically every teenager on the planet is tethered to their smartphones, how is it affecting their teenage brain?  Like any new addition to the social mainstream, it often takes years before the good, bad and ugly can be identified. Cell phone use had, and may still have, its health concerns regarding air wave […]

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