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Teen Tip Tuesday-Hold a Family Interview on Thanksgiving!

22 Nov

Thanksgiving with family at Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Thanksgiving is the perfect time for teens to get to know their family better. The holidays bring us closer together and since most family members are hanging out in intimate settings, it’s a great time to hold a family interview of each other. So while you are waiting for that lovely turkey to be ready […]

Teen Tip Tuesday-Arguing with your teen

21 Nov

Tips to stop arguing with your teen at Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Arguing with your teen is common as they start to exert their independent opinions.  Even my slightly shy and quiet daughter Beloved can let loose a bit of a tantrum if she feels not heard.  I’ve noticed that in our home, arguments usually stem from a misunderstanding of the situation; or sadly, from me speaking […]

Teen Tip Tuesday-Safe Driving Tips

16 Nov

Safe driving tips for teens from Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

One of the scariest parts of being a parent is knowing that your kids are going to have to learn to drive. Teaching Beloved to drive was stressful for all of us and one of those necessary tasks in life that I’m happy to have behind us.  It’s not that our kids aren’t able to […]

Teen Tip Tuesday-Veteran’s Day

14 Nov

Veteran's need our support at Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

I am a child of the military. My father was in the United States Air Force.   I am so proud of his service.   As a teen, he was gone alot. I missed him immensely. I was jealous of those that got to spend time with him. Luckily, he always came home.   I […]

Teen Tip Tuesday-Show Them You Are Thankful

7 Nov

Love your teen on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Teens often feel like we are always nagging and looking to catch them acting out.  They are so used to their harried mom responding with a curt statement or short “no”.  It’s not that we want to answer this way, it’s just that we often do so without thinking of the impact our words have. […]

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