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10 tips to keep your child healthy this school year (‘cuz MoMs so want their kiddies feeling great)

29 Dec

10 tips to keep your child healthy on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad What are the words that children dread more than anything? Summer’s over! Although the long, lazy days and fun-filled nights are over, this doesn’t mean that school should interrupt your child’s healthy living regimen. We have compiled 10 tips to keep your child healthy this school year.   Sleep, […]

How To Prepare Your Dog for the New Baby

9 Dec

Prepare your family dog for the new baby with Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Bringing home a new baby is a major life event for not only expectant parents, but their pets as well, especially dogs. No matter the breed you own, it will be important to help your dog get accustomed to having a newborn in the home. However, this can be tough for dogs who have not […]

Mom Monday-How Sleep Training Saved Me

26 Nov

How a Sleep Trainer Saved Me and my son. Guest post by Lauren Stevens

Since sleep seems to be one of the most talked about (and agonized about) topics in baby’s first couple of years, I thought I’d share how we’re doing a year after sleep training and how a sleep trainer saved me.   One year ago, I was a frazzled mom, prone to tears, constantly overwhelmed, forgetful […]

Must Have Items For Being Out With Your Baby

18 Oct

Baby and mommy having fun together.

For such tiny things, babies certainly need lots of supplies. Each time you leave the house with your little one, you might feel as though you have enough belongings to support a small army. The fact is, there are certain must-have items for being out with your baby that you simply can’t leave behind when […]

Do you let your children walk to school?

20 Aug

Kids walking back to school with backpacks.

Since I have always struggled with allowing Beloved to do activities alone, for fear that something would happen to her, she has never gotten to walk to school alone or with friends for that matter.  Our local elementary school could possibly be considered “in walking distance” if my child was training for a marathon but […]

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