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Why do we celebrate Labor Day?

4 Sep

labor day flag cupcakes

Today is a blissful breezy day in sunny Florida.  Children and adults alike are off for the Labor Day holiday; a tradition created in 1894. We all enjoy having a free day off, particularly if that day happens to be Monday.  Schools, post offices and stores are closed in honor of the celebration.  But do […]

Happy Memorial Day

29 May

Memorial Day quote from Jeff Miller

Happy Memorial Day.

Valentines Day ideas for family

14 Feb

Couple hugging with a heart balloon

Happy Valentine’s Day I could go on forever about the topic of love but I decided to get focused and share some fun Valentines Day ideas for family, that we as parents, can use to express this favorite feeling of mine over this love filled holiday. St. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers [that’d be […]

Teach your child peace as Martin Luther King Jr. preached

16 Jan

MLK, statue, I have a dream

Today is one of those beautiful days in history that you learn about your whole life but never fully understand the impact of the lesson.  Growing up we were thrilled to have the day off of school and that was enough.  We understood the general meaning of why we were celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr., […]

Christmas Memories from top bloggers

14 Dec

Teddy bear on Christmas tree

Christmas is one holiday that elicits so many memories for us as a family.  I vividly recall most of my youth and hope every season that I’m helping Beloved create the same.  One of my fondest memories is building a snow fort with my sister and dad.  We made an amazing “igloo” and then watched […]

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