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10 Things I’m Thankful For Today

23 Nov

Thanksgiving with family at Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  Besides all of the amazing food that I can stuff my belly with, I am surrounded by the people that I love most.  Each year our family joins together and spends the day and mealtime laughing, reminiscing and just loving each other’s company. We tell the same old […]

Holiday Gift Guide for Teens & Tweens

22 Nov

gift guide for holiday presents

Listen up folks, Christmas is just around the corner. Yes, it snuck up on us again. Luckily, we’ve found some great gift ideas for those with teenagers and tweens! Don’t disappoint them this year, get them something they’ll love from our holiday gift guide for teens.  If you have little ones, check out this guide. […]

Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

22 Nov

gift guide for little kids

You didn’t think I’d forget a gift guide for the little ones, did you? Check out some of the exciting items below  in our holiday gift guide that will make your Christmas morning full of laughter. If you have a teen, stop by our teen gift guide too.   Gifts for Elementary Aged Kids Create […]

Mom Monday-How to Keep Your Home Under Control During the Crazy Holiday Season

9 Nov

Keep your home under control during the holidays on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Here we go, people.   Here.   We.   Freakin’.   Go.   It seems as if the Parenting Gods decided to mess with moms even more than usual the weeks from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. As if we don’t have enough to already do on a good day, the holiday season adds gift buying, […]

Teen Tip Tuesday-Halloween Costumes for Teens

31 Oct

Halloween Costumes at Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Costumes are always a big deal at our house.  Beloved has enjoyed picking out her outfit for as long as I can remember.  It’s fun for her and offers a great bonding moment between us as we spend the day shopping for just the right look.   What will your teen be wearing for Halloween […]

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