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Mom Monday-Dad and Son activities for Father’s Day

4 Jun

Spend quality time on Father's Day with your Son

Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad With Father’s Day approaching, it’s a wonderful time to celebrate dads and all they do. There are many ways to show dads how much they are loved and appreciated that don’t involve the purchase of a new tie.  Earlier, L. E. Mastilock gave you some ideas for Daddy/Daughter activities […]

Mom Monday-Daddy and Daughter activities for Father’s Day

4 Jun

Father's Day activities to do with your daughter

Father’s Day is a great time for some extra special bonding between father and daughter.  There are many ways you can make the day memorable for your girl that won’t break the bank. But, what types of fun Father’s Day activities could you do together?   Give yourself the best Father’s Day gift ever! What […]

New Year isn’t just for resolutions; it’s for pondering the past

27 Dec

new year's eve celebration

New Year’s has a hard act to follow.  Who wants to go after Christmas in the holiday department?  While it’s true that the start of a new year won’t get the kid’s vote, for us as parents, it’s become a very important holiday. I have always enjoyed that feeling of freshness that occurs with the […]

Mom Monday- Recapturing Christmas

25 Dec

Recapturing Christmas on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Whoosh.  There goes Halloween in a mad rush of costumes and pumpkin carving and too much sugar.  And then bam, Thanksgiving is upon us.  Recapturing Christmas is essential.  If we don’t stop and take a deep breath, Christmas will be over before we know it. And that would be a shame.  Because I truly believe […]

Last Minute Shopping Made Easy!

23 Dec

Personalized holiday shopping on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

The holidays are a special time of year when friends and family have the opportunity to exchange meaningful gifts with one another during this important season of giving. Such gifts are sentimental items that show just how much someone truly cares. Unfortunately, choosing the right gift can be quite stressful when there are so many […]

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