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Looking for the perfect gift to give Mom this holiday season?

2 Nov

mother of all meltdowns holiday

The Mother of All Meltdowns makes a great gift for your favorite Mom.  Moms need to feel connected, normal, and understood. Don’t buy the usual stand-bys: candles, cologne and wacky slipper-socks (okay, we all love slipper socks!); get her something she truly deserves…laughter, validation, and that “Me Too” moment.     Our book is perfect for expectant […]

Mother of all Meltdowns is having a birthday!

21 Oct

Mother of all Meltdowns

It’s hard to believe but our book has had another birthday!  Just like with our real baby, time has flown by and we find ourselves in denial about where the time has gone.   Happy Birthday to us Happy Birthday to us Happy Birthday to the Mother of all Meltdowns Happy Birthday to us!   […]

Mother of all Meltdowns Q&A with the authors

22 Jul

mother banner

As part of The Mother of All Meltdowns book tour, we want to get to know some of our favorite authors a little better.  Their stories are amazing but after reading them, we felt like we needed a bit more.  So I did what anyone would do…bribery!  In exchange for them letting me stalk a […]

Clash of the Couples-how did you meet your spouse?

21 Jan

adam and eve on the couch

The Clash of the Couples book has been out for a bit and we’ve enjoyed every one of the hilarious stories between the couples.  Of course, it’s easy for us to say the stories were funny; we weren’t one of the couples that was caught arguing! Clash of the Couples: A Humorous Collection of Completely […]

Clash of the Couples is almost here!

25 Sep

adam and eve on the couch

I’m thrilled to announce the upcoming release of the new book Clash of the Couples.  Regardless of who you are, and you know who you are, we tend to get into skirmishes with those we love most.  Oh sure, we think we are arguing over meaningful topics and all too often, we find that our […]

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