Big T Coastal Provisions CASH #Giveaway

24 Aug

My mouth absolutely watered when I saw the pictures of crab meat and the delicious concoction of chicken stuffed goodness in Not Your Ordinary Recipe’s blog.
Big T Coastal Provisions

My family loves CRAB.  We spent many years in the Chesapeake Bay area so it’s a taste we’ve grown fond of.  Crab meat is great in omelettes, sandwiches and salads.

Since we’re getting ready to attend VoiceBoks big 2013 Back to School Social Party (#backtoschoolSP), I was thrilled to find that Big T Coastal is one of the sponsors for our event.  I hope they send us all crab kits full of yummy seafood!

Big T Coastal is a strong supporter of social media and they truly believe in the power of bloggers.  As a thank you to all of the bloggers who make a difference to their company, they are giving away $250 CASH to one winner.  Just think of all the crab meat you could buy with that chunk of change!

Let’s win the $250 right now!!

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Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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