Summer Memories Series-Part 2

24 Aug

summer memories

Part 2 of our Summer Memories Series is brought to us by Dani Walker of Suburbia Interrupted.   Summertime was always a big deal growing up. Extravagant trips were taken. Neighborhood parties were had. I wanted to pick one memory to share but the reality is, I couldn’t decide which one.  Each time I settled […]

Decorate Your Teen’s Room

17 Aug

eclectic bedroom for teen

We know decorating a bedroom can be a lot of fun for teens.  But it’s an ideal project for both parents and teens to work and have fun on together!  Here are 4 steps to decorate a room your teen and you will be happy with.   1. Help your teen define and refine their own style.  First, […]

Summer Memories Series-Part 1

15 Aug

summer memories

We kick off the Summer Memories Series with Pamela Rote of Reviews She Rote.   Living in the same area my whole life; I’m glad to have places that we’ve made some great family memories for generations.   Griffis Sculpture Park in Ashford Hollow. The park features more than 250 works of art created by over […]

Must have gear for teens heading off to college

13 Aug

Kids walking back to school with backpacks.

With the back to school season comes stress.  Parents and kids everywhere are finishing up their last minute to do lists and praying that nothing’s forgotten.  For kids heading off to college, the anxiety factor can be even worse as they brave out on their own. Follett Technology asked me to share my tips for […]

3 Things to Consider When Shopping Online

12 Aug

eloved in her vintage glasses

Online shopping is growing. According to Statista, 205 million U.S. citizens either browsed, compared prices or bought merchandise online at least once in 2015, up from 198.2 million in 2014. What’s more, online shopping numbers are expected to reach 224 million in 2019, putting the U.S. at the forefront of the e-commerce market. What could […]