Do you let your kids walk to school alone?

20 Sep

Kids walking back to school with backpacks.

Since I have always struggled with allowing Beloved to do activities alone, for fear that something would happen to her, she has never gotten to walk to school alone or with friends for that matter.  Our local elementary school could possibly be considered “in walking distance” if my child was training for a marathon but […]

Teen Tip Tuesday: Help smooth the journey to adulthood for your teen

19 Sep

Teen brain development infographic

Have you ever been completely blindsided by your teenager’s behavior or questionable choices?  If you were able to truthfully answer that question with a firm “no”- then hats off to you! We all knew parenting would be difficult, but very few of us were adequately prepared for the complex world of teendom. The teen years […]

Mom Monday-Create a friendship corner for sharing!

18 Sep

Create a friendship corner on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Do you have a preschool-age child who still has trouble sharing when his or her friend comes over? Or does your child still have trouble interacting with an infant or a toddler who is visiting? Create a friendship corner in your home. Here’s how!   Example number one: Let’s say you have a play date scheduled at your house. A few days […]

Should you let your baby cry it out by Dr. Orlena Kerek

13 Sep

little baby girl sitting in grass crying

When you have your first baby, your world is turned upside down. You stop being able to do what you want to do, when you want to and are now in charge of this tiny being. To begin with, the tiny being only has a handful of needs, that is, to be fed, changed, entertained, […]

Teen Tip Tuesday-Help stop teenager from lying

12 Sep

Help your kids stop lying!

It’s inevitable that at some point your teens are going to lie to you.  Heck, most parents tell fibs at convenient times, we just choose to say they are “necessary”.  Your kids, no matter how old, will figure out that sometimes it’s easier to make up a story than come clean.   Teenagers have so […]

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