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Mom Monday-Erinn Sluka-Keep your kids learning over summer

29 Jun

Mom Monday-How to eep kids learning over summer

School is out and over the summer break, we all know how kids can easily forget up to 2 months of learning if their brains stay dormant for those 9 -10 weeks. However, they work hard at school and deserve the break so the last thing you want is to load them with workbooks and […]

What is the true cost of raising a teen?

24 Jun

Group of teens with arms around each other

What is the true cost of raising a teen? Obviously the correct answer should be that money is no object, after all this is our children we’re talking about.  While I do agree, I wanted to have a little fun adding up the normal day to day expenses that we incur as parents of a […]

Teen Tip Tuesday-Help stop teenager from lying

23 Jun

Help your kids stop lying!

It’s inevitable that at some point your teens are going to lie to you.  Heck, most parents tell fibs at convenient times, we just choose to say they are “necessary”.  Your kids, no matter how old, will figure out that sometimes it’s easier to make up a story than come clean.   Teenagers have so […]

Mom Monday-Michelle Grewe-The Father Daughter Bond: The Immaculate Connection

22 Jun

Rafa and the Kids The Father Daughter Bond

Growing up, I was Daddy’s Little Girl. We religiously watched the Steelers play after church every Sunday (sleeping through halftime on the sofa), and Thursday nights were Matlock and Murder She Wrote. My favorite movies still to this day are the kind that gets you a man-card: Dirty Harry, Die Hard and Delta Force.  I […]

Switch to the lowest priced unlimited plans and #Save4Summer

20 Jun

Just Plane Dad and Beloved eating lunch as they #Save4Summer #ad

This shop has been compensated by #CollectiveBias Inc. and Walmart Family Mobile.  All opinions are our own.  This post shows how my kid and her Dad bond on Father’s Day with the new Alcatel One Touch Pop Astro. #Save4Summer Father’s Day is nearing which means I need to run to Walmart to pick up something for […]

Survive the season with U by Kotex

19 Jun

U by Kotex #CycleSurvival Kit #ad

This shop has been compensated by #CollectiveBias Inc. and its advertiser.  All opinions are mine alone.  This post is about how we survive Florida’s hurricane season and my own with a #CycleSurvival kit. I’m a prepared mama that always places my family’s safety and security above all else.  We live in Florida and are getting […]