Tips For a Great Summer with Kids + Safety + MoMs roundup #summerfun

25 Jun

Summer Fun with Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Summer is such a great time for parents and kids to spend quality time together.  Kids are happy and carefree and parents are enjoying every minute of it.  Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad want to wish everyone a great summer with kids. #summerfun Check out some of these fun (and safe) ways to keep […]

Who is a master at the Art of Persuasion? Part 2

22 Jun

art of persuasion

Read Part 1 of this story first. As you recall, Just Plane Dad and I had decided that it was okay for Beloved to spend a few days over at her friend’s home, about an hour away. I drive her over to his house, which is a neat trip, because you pass a major airport […]

Gun safety in the home begins with the owner

20 Jun

mom protecting baby with gun

Gun safety in the home wasn’t on my agenda to discuss but this topic seems to be everywhere in the news, posts, schools, TV…so I wanted to express my opinion.  I realize that everyone feels differently so please feel free to [respectfully] state your opinions in the comments below.  Together, we can protect our rights […]

Happy Father’s Day

19 Jun

#helicopterparent and son pilot

Today is such a special day in many households.  It’s that one day of the year where we remember to honor the one person that holds your home together, Dad. I don’t know about everyone else, but around here, I sort of just expect my hubby to handle all the laborious tasks that I’d deem […]

Family Month is a great time for Shari’s Berries! #SharisBerries

16 Jun

Family Month with Shari's Berries #sharisberries

This delicious post about Family Month was sponsored by Shari’s Berries.  Our honest opinions are included. #SharisBerries Family Month is the amazing time frame sandwiched perfectly between Mother’s and Father’s Day.  Just like our family, the parents hold it together.  Getting together with the family is always a great time and adding Shari’s Berries to […]