Valentines Day ideas for family

3 Feb

Couple hugging with a heart balloon

Happy Valentine’s Day I could go on forever about the topic of love but I decided to get focused and share some fun Valentines Day ideas for family, that we as parents, can use to express this favorite feeling of mine over this love filled holiday. St. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers [that’d be […]

Mom Monday-Emma Craig: Confession I hate to play pretend with my child

1 Feb

Spending time together without playing pretend via Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

I hear it from honest parents from time to time – “I just can’t stand to play with my kids, I hate to play pretend”.  The reasons can be as various as the people who express them: it’s too boring, I haven’t got the time, I’m just not interested in yet ANOTHER game of Candy […]

Disney fun will always stay in my memory

27 Jan

Tree at Hollywood Studios

One of my fondest memories of Beloved and Just Plane Dad is of a trip to Hollywood Studios in Orlando.  Beloved was about six at the time and like most kids that age, obsessed with climbing in and out of everything she came across.  Trees, rocks, tables, dogs, all fair game.  We found a mecca […]

Mom Monday-Ekanem Ebinne-How to add fun and variety through dance

25 Jan

Little kids dancing to their favorite song

Want to have an easy time keeping all the kids entertained even with age differences? Then I’ve got a move for you! Try this: 1. Sing the youngest’s favorite song while you hula hoop. No hoop needed, just the hips! 2. Got his/her attention? Try it again at different speed. Then try it higher or […]

Are there harmful books being marketed to our children?

20 Jan

girl reading shocking book

Congratulations to my good friend, Dr. Parnell Donahue, on the release of your parenting book Tools for Effective Parenting,  available here.  This book is written after years of experience raising his own children and caring for thousands of others.  Dr. Donahue has discovered some basic tools to make parenting easier and more effective.  Isn’t that what we […]