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Planning for a baby? Trying to conceive?

6 Jul

Baby conceived with the help of AstroGlide TTC Trying to Conceive #ad

This is a sponsored post from TapInfluence and their client that will discuss their newest product AstroGlide TTC Trying to Conceive™.  It benefits couples that wish to conceive a baby.  All opinions are our own.  #AstroGlide #TTC Just Plane Dad and I are about to celebrate our daughter’s 19th birthday. Time has flown by so […]

Mom Monday-Crystal Horton-Please Stop the Tantrum

6 Jul

Here's how to handle those temper tantrums.

“Please Stop” is what my four year old son yells, when he doesn’t get his way.  Here’s an example of what I discovered during one of our misunderstandings.  I hope it helps you stop the tantrum as well. Recently we were out in public picking up the girls from an event.  My son began screaming “please […]

Do you remember your Sweet 16 birthday party?

1 Jul

How to plan a Sweet 16 birthday party.

Do you remember your Sweet 16?  Honestly, I don’t and in my defense it’s probably because it wasn’t a national event televised over FaceBook nor did it mirror anything vaguely like those shown on MTV.  I’m sure it included friends, cake and roller skating…ahh, the good ole days.  Beloved is thrilled to be reaching this milestone […]

Teen Tip Tuesday: Help smooth the journey to adulthood for your teen

30 Jun

Teen brain development infographic

Have you ever been completely blindsided by your teenager’s behavior or questionable choices?  If you were able to truthfully answer that question with a firm “no”- then hats off to you! We all knew parenting would be difficult, but very few of us were adequately prepared for the complex world of teendom. The teen years […]

Mom Monday-Erinn Sluka-Keep your kids learning over summer

29 Jun

Mom Monday-How to eep kids learning over summer

School is out and over the summer break, we all know how kids can easily forget up to 2 months of learning if their brains stay dormant for those 9 -10 weeks. However, they work hard at school and deserve the break so the last thing you want is to load them with workbooks and […]