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1000 Voices Speak for Compassion

20 Feb

1000 Voices for Compassion

Today is the day that 1,000 bloggers join together to write about compassion. Compassion is the ability to sympathize with others less fortunate or more accurately to have sympathetic concern for their suffering. Compassion comes easy to me however feeling it and “practicing” it are entirely different. Living in a beautifully small community is something […]

Valentines Day ideas for family

14 Feb

Couple hugging with a heart balloon

Happy Valentine’s Day I could go on forever about the topic of love but I decided to get focused and share some fun Valentines Day ideas for family, that we as parents, can use to express this favorite feeling of mine over this love filled holiday. St. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers [that’d be […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

14 Feb

valentine basket with candy

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?  For my family, we all exchange cards, a few kisses and spend the evening over a wonderful dinner.  For us, nothing beats quality time together. I show my love for Beloved and Just Plane Dad every single day that I have them with me on this journey called […]

How to Keep Kids Safe in Your Own Backyard

11 Feb

Little girl climbing near swing set

The leading cause of deaths for children between the ages of one and eighteen years isn’t disease or violence — it’s accidents. Statistically, swimming pools are more dangerous to children than guns, and every year, 200,000 American children are taken to the emergency room for injuries sustained on outdoor playgrounds. Helicopter parents like us fear […]

Smartphones and the Teenage Brain

5 Feb

Smartphones harm teen brains

Now that practically every teenager on the planet is tethered to their smartphones, how is it affecting their teenage brain?  Like any new addition to the social mainstream, it often takes years before the good, bad and ugly can be identified. Cell phone use had, and may still have, its health concerns regarding air wave […]

Romantic Restaurants Across the United States

2 Feb

Romantic restaurants in tampa

Romantic Restaurants Across the United States   Want to find a great place to take your Valentine this holiday? Look no further! Members of Social Fabric have found places all across the United States that are romantic and perfect for a lovely date night! Just find your local area below and see what fabulous places […]

What Not to Forget While Remodeling Your Bathroom

29 Jan

bathroom makeover

Bathroom renovation is one of the most thrilling ways to transform your home. Though it’s only a small space in the house, the bathroom is very important both in functionality and design. When remodeling your bathroom, your house can change from a drab nightmare to a fashionable utopia. However, before you send your wildest designs […]

Top 5 Romantic Restaurants in Tampa Bay

29 Jan

Romantic restaurants in tampa

I am so excited that I get to participate in Social Fabrics’ most romantic restaurants in Tampa Bay.  Let’s see, we have sunny days year round, beautiful sandy beaches and gorgeous tanned people; how can we be anything but romantic? #Dinner4Valentines Just Plane Dad and I have lived here for over 14 years so we’ve […]

Where do we go from here…on MLK day?

19 Jan

MLK, statue, I have a dream

Today is one of those beautiful days in history that you learn about your whole life but never fully understand the impact of the lesson.  Growing up we were thrilled to have the day off of school and that was enough.  We understood the general meaning of why we were celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr., […]

New Year is the moment we’ve waited for

6 Jan

Organize your closet

Happy New Year!  Can you believe that 2015 has arrived?  It seems like we were just planning how we’d spend 2014 as helicopter parents and what we wanted to resolve for the new year.  Now, a whole year has passed and it’s time to reminisce on what we’ve accomplished.  Isn’t this the moment we’ve all […]