Mom Monday-The Father Daughter Bond: The Immaculate Connection

12 Jun

Rafa and the Kids The Father Daughter Bond

Growing up, I was Daddy’s Little Girl. We religiously watched the Steelers play after church every Sunday (sleeping through halftime on the sofa), and Thursday nights were Matlock and Murder She Wrote. My favorite movies still to this day are the kind that gets you a man-card: Dirty Harry, Die Hard and Delta Force.  I […]

Mom Monday-Health and Rewards for Kids-Strike a Balance

5 Jun

Strike a Balance with Rewards for Kids on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Is there a good way to reward your kids while ensuring you are maintaining a healthy balance in their lives? While it may seem impossible to adequately straddle that line, there are ways to keep the balance alive and well in your household. Rewarding your children is a great way to encourage and motivate them and […]

Teen Tip Tuesday (by Kelly M)-Party Planning for Teens with Allergies

30 May

How to Make Party Planning Fun for Allergic Teens on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Have you ever been to a birthday party without a cake to eat?  Of course not. Why? Nobody goes to a party without expecting food to be served. Come on, it’s party etiquette. Unfortunately, those with allergies and intolerances may feel left out despite the best intentions of others. Party planning for teens with allergies so everyone has […]

Happy Memorial Day

29 May

Memorial Day quote from Jeff Miller

Happy Memorial Day.

MoM Monday: 5 Ways To Help Kids Fight Spring Fever & Focus on Academics

1 May

Fight spring fever this time of year on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Fourth quarter is in full swing at our school. While my boys might want to back off the books and lean into vacation mode, I’m having none of it. The rule in our home is that you play the hardest near the end of the game. Those last few tests can nudge up grades or […]