Why do we have to let our children drive?

23 Jul

Safe driving tips for teens from Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Beloved has been driving for a while now on her permit.  In case you’ve forgotten how it all started, click here.  The truth of the matter is that she was “technically” eligible for her license in September.  By technically, I mean according to county law; not technically as in a technically good driver.    Since the […]

What are Helicopter Parents?

20 Jul

Dad playing airplane with daughter #helicopterparents

According to the dictionary, helicopter parents pay extremely close attention to their children’s experiences and problems, to the detriment of their children.  I’m not sure I understand how being overprotective parents that are close with their children and know what’s happening in their lives can be a detriment.  I mean, shouldn’t we be involved with […]

Mom Monday-Stop the Tantrum and Stay Calm

18 Jul

Here's how to handle those temper tantrums.

“Please Stop” is what my four year old son yells, when he doesn’t get his way.  Here’s an example of what I discovered during one of our misunderstandings.  I hope it helps you stop the tantrum as well. Recently we were out in public picking up the girls from an event.  My son began screaming “please […]

How NOT to plan a Sweet 16 birthday party

16 Jul

How to plan a Sweet 16 birthday party.

Do you remember your Sweet 16 birthday party?  Honestly, I don’t and in my defense it’s probably because it wasn’t a national event televised over FaceBook nor did it mirror anything vaguely like those shown on MTV.  I’m sure it included friends, cake and roller skating…ahh, the good ole days.  Beloved is thrilled to be reaching […]

Let’s all micro-manage + how to annoy others

13 Jul

Micro manage on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Just Plane Dad mentioned this topic casually the other day as he prepared for an important meeting.  Why do some people feel the need to micro-manage other’s lives?  About halfway through our grump session, I realized that I exhibit the same attributes as those we were complaining about. As a General Manager, he uses his micro-managing […]