Helicopter Parents in the house

17 Jan

#helicoptermom looking over daughters shoulder while texting

My husband and I have lived under the constant scrutiny of a nation that does not understand our parenting style.  Not only don’t they understand, but many of them don’t even care to try.  Just like the extra effort needed to stay involved in their children’s lives, it isn’t easy, but it’s so worth it. […]

What is the true cost of raising a teen?

16 Jan

Group of teens with arms around each other

What is the true cost of raising a teen? Obviously the correct answer should be that money is no object, after all this is our children we’re talking about.  While I do agree, I wanted to have a little fun adding up the normal day to day expenses that we incur as parents of a […]

Mom Monday-What is positive parenting?

15 Jan

Positive Parenting on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Positive parenting is something we all strive for and our kids long for. Please welcome our Mom Monday guest post from Ana of KitCriarBlogs. (please pardon any translation indiscretions as we prefer to leave the post as originally written to honor the differences and beauty in our cultures) Positive Parenting Positive thoughts attract positive energy and […]

Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad are Published-The Mother of all Meltdowns

10 Jan

mother of all meltdowns book

We’ve got some great news to share with our readers…(drumroll please)…we’re published!  Obviously, we are ecstatic and couldn’t be happier that Crystal of Mommifried asked us to be included in her new book The Mother of All Meltdowns.   Along with 29 amazing others, we wrote our version of a complete and total parenting meltdown.  […]

Author Maria T. Lennon on “Who My Character Really Is” in Confessions of a So-Called Middle Child

9 Jan

confessions of a middle child

Today’s guest is author Maria T. Lennon with her discussion on Charlie, the lead role, in her latest book.  In Confessions of a So-Called Middle Child, turning your back on popularity and facing the mean girls head-on proves to be fun and rewarding. Charlie is a hilariously spunky recovering bully and tween hacker who gets expelled from […]

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