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Mommy and baby bonding time or just good old fashioned torture?

29 Jul

Baby and mommy having fun together.

I’m an amazing mom. I really am. I change poop and sing the wheels on the bus non-stop. I even have my own original dance moves I perform to go with every line.  I make sure she’s well fed and on most days I answer when she shrieks “MOMMMMEEE COME!”   Whether or not she’s clothed […]

Teen Tip Tuesday: Manage homework stress

28 Jul

5 tips to help teens manage homework stress on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

As summer is coming to a close, it’s time for parents and their kids to prepare for the school year.  My daughter has graduated but I remember the stress that homework assignments often brought to the kitchen table.  It’s inevitable that your teens will need assistance from someone other than their teachers on occasion. My […]

Mom Monday-Emma Craig: Confession I hate to play pretend with my child

27 Jul

Spending time together without playing pretend via Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

I hear it from honest parents from time to time – “I just can’t stand to play with my kids, I hate to play pretend”.  The reasons can be as various as the people who express them: it’s too boring, I haven’t got the time, I’m just not interested in yet ANOTHER game of Candy […]

Christmas in July with Tipsy Elves

26 Jul

Tukker of Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad loves Tipsy Elves Christmas sweaters

Christmas is 6 months away but that doesn’t have to stop us from celebrating Christmas in July.  We’ve teamed up with Tipsy Elves to highlight some of the amazing sweaters they sent us.  July is such a busy month for our family, several birthdays and events so we figured, why not add one more party? […]

Mother of all Meltdowns Q&A with the authors

22 Jul

mother banner

As part of The Mother of All Meltdowns book tour, we want to get to know some of our favorite authors a little better.  Their stories are amazing but after reading them, we felt like we needed a bit more.  So I did what anyone would do…bribery!  In exchange for them letting me stalk a […]