Halloween Craft-Milk Jug Ghosts

21 Oct

Halloween Craft-Ghost milk jugs on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

I LOVE decorating for holidays! Halloween is, by far, my favorite to decorate for. We are on a very tight budget, so I have had to come up with some DIY decorations without breaking the bank. These Halloween milk jug ghosts are one of my favorites and definitely one of the most popular among our […]

Teen Tip Tuesday: Manage homework stress

17 Oct

5 tips to help teens manage homework stress on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

As summer is coming to a close, it’s time for parents and their kids to prepare for the school year.  My daughter has graduated but I remember the stress that homework assignments often brought to the kitchen table.  It’s inevitable that your teens will need assistance from someone other than their teachers on occasion. My […]

Mom Monday-Confession I hate to play pretend with my child

16 Oct

Spending time together without playing pretend via Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

I hear it from honest parents from time to time – “I just can’t stand to play with my kids, I hate to play pretend”.  The reasons can be as various as the people who express them: it’s too boring, I haven’t got the time, I’m just not interested in yet ANOTHER game of Candy […]

Characters can be scary to little kids

11 Oct

Disney pumpkin face

One of my favorite memories happened during our vacation to Disney.  Beloved was three years old and not a rookie.  Living in the sunshine state, she had a handful of visits under her belt.  It was however the first visit to the Disney characters autograph line. After waiting in line for a gloriously hot two […]

Teen Tip Tuesday-Keep our kids safe while having fun

10 Oct

Tyler Madoff's death can help us keep our kids safe.

As parents, we want to keep our kids safe as they experience the world.  Kids need the chance to have fun and explore on their own.  Unfortunately, sometimes tragedy occurs and reminds us to be very mindful of the dangers that kids face.  Here are some tips that parents can do to keep our kids […]

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