Mom Monday-Finding the Right College Dorm Room

23 Aug

Finding the right college dorm room at Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

If you have ever sent a child to College, you know there is so much to know that you didn’t know you needed to know! That sentence will make complete sense to you if you have survived or are going through sending a child to college! Our son is entering his Senior year in HS […]

Jungle Gym Jam CD review

23 Aug

everyones invited music cd

Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad were asked to review the Jungle Gym Jam CD.  Our review and #giveaway are below and we are honored to work with Jason Didner.  We received a copy of the CD in order to offer our honest opinion. Jason Didner, host of the Cool Rockin’ Daddy Video Show, and […]

Teen Tip Tuesday-Back to School as a Freshman

22 Aug

Kids walking back to school with backpacks.

Back to school means changes for all of our kids.  Switching schools can be one of those scary times in a teen’s life.  Don’t you remember going back to school as a freshman?   I remember dropping Beloved off at the car line and thinking she was one of the tiniest people on the planet. […]

Mom, Why is Grandma Different? Explaining Disability to Children.

21 Aug

Explain disability to kids on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Small children desperately want to know all about the world and their environment. It will come as no surprise for a parent that children ask on average 288 questions a day. No wonder Moms and Dads get tired of hearing the word “why?” One of the first things that small children notice is the people […]

Yoplait is perfect for back-to-school lunches and busy MoMs like me!

20 Aug

Yoplait Multipacks are easy open and perfect for lunches with Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad #Yoplait #MomOn #ad

It’s time for back to school lunchbox packing. We’ve partnered with Walmart to highlight the new box design for Yoplait Multipack yogurt. We are compensated for this post and offer our honest experience. #Yoplait #MomOn Moms, it’s back to school time!  I see your smiling faces.  Get ready for rushed breakfast around a crumb-filled toaster, […]